Red Bluff IPA

That special time of the day when the sky lights up a bright red is when the Dusky Red IPA shines brightest. You’ve most likely just finished a mid arvo surfing session at Red Bluff and you’re sitting back in reflection of that superb right hander you took all the way in. Maybe you should’ve went left? Nah. This RED IPA confirms that your first choice is always the best.

About the artist

Jesse Kidd, self proclaimed artist based in East Gippsland. 

My common scope of practice is Pen and Ink, but I love to dabble in other mediums as well. I try to achieve tonal value, primarily by creating work in black and white. I feel it has a vintage appeal to it in the final outcome and I am fond of the traditional aspect of creating work by hand opposed to falling into the digital side of creating artwork.

Although by saying that, I have been coloring in work digitally for a finer result that leaves less room for potential error and essentially produces a ‘slicker’ final outcome. I am heavily influenced by quirky cartoon based illustrations with a realistic appeal. My subject matter usually reflects on whatever seems to be happening during my creative outbursts. 

Humor for myself has always been a great leveler, and making a person smile or laugh from my work brings me the most joy. Music also has a huge influence on myself, whether it be creating music or working on bits and pieces that are music related. 

For more work you can visit https://www.facebook.com/jessekiddsrealmofmadness

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