First Oil Dry Stout

1924. A year you will remember as this is the year that oil was first discovered in Australia, just 530m from our Microbrewery at Old Bunga Rd, you can still visit the original site. This first oil stout commemerates this lost historic fact and aims to remind you all that 1924 is not just an easy drinking dry stout, but the year that Australia joined the world oil ranks.

About the artist

Nephelle Watts has been painting for two years now, and with every piece created her style twists and changes ever so slightly - "I keep learning and improving."

"I have always been a creative soul with a strong focus on photography and graphic art throughout high school, then later studying fashion and working for a graphic and web design company.  

"I love being a part of and doing anything artistic. Each artwork is unique, with every layer of paint poured inspired by the energy and beauty of the ocean and the sky. Built in-house, our handmade wooden canvases are forged from marine ply for extra strength and painted with a mixture of water and oils. Living in the quaint fishing port of Lakes Entrance, 

"I am lucky enough to be able to wake up and be surrounded the fascinating allure of the sea every single day. I want to bring that into people’s lives. 

"In every one of my artwork’s I haver tried to capture a tiny piece of that magic to share with people who maybe aren’t so lucky."

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